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I love what I do as a therapist.  I believe any person sitting across from me has more to teach me than any book I have ever read.  I believe attention-undivided and compassionate-is the purest form of love.  It's a life force that creates, heals, and grows whatever is in its path.  I've come to understand that love is really more of a verb than a noun.  It's a presence. It's a way of being in the world.


Overarching Goal of Therapy or Counseling

The overarching goal of therapy or counseling is really about cultivating this presence for ourselves and for others.  It's about learning to stay with ourselves in the present moment, attend to our experience, and have empathy for ourselves and others.


This goal ultimately entails committing to becoming the highest version of ourselves even in the face of challenge, hurt, disappointment, a broken heart, rejection, or abandonment.  It's about risking to show up and be present in new ways in order to break free from the self-limiting thoughts, beliefs, and habits that hold us back. There are many theories, practices, and techniques on how to do all this. The truth is, I like them all.  And, I especially like how they are all evolving-just like us.  


The Call to Action

If you are here, chances are at some point or another you've made a decision to up-level your life.  Due to a loss, crisis, conflict, or wound, you've received the call to action, and you have answered. You have found the strength and the courage ("coeur"=heart "age"=story) to open up, understand, share, alter, and tell your heart story.  


The first step to beginning the journey you came here to make is to recognize that you are not alone, and that we are all stronger together.  We all need nurturing attention, assistance, and guidance to overcome the inevitable challenges we face in life.


Start Now.  Find A Resource, Recover and Rise Again.

When people team up, an interesting thing starts to happen.  Things that were previously thought to be threatening painful or dangerous, suddenly turn into challenges to be met, opportunities to seize, and lessons to be learned.


Psychotherapy and Counseling are resources designed to accelerate this shift in perception.  Because when this shift occurs, old wounds start to heal, and our energies can focus on discovering and developing the strengths, gifts, powers, and potentials that lie within us.  The word resource is derived from the french word "resoundre" which means to recover or rise again.  Start Now.  Find a Resource, Recover, and Rise Again.

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