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You Matter And Your Personal Development Work Is Helping Create a Global Shift

Imagine the year 2030. The US's population has shifted its values system. It is now focused on reclaiming mental and physical health for all people. It recognizes the inter-dependence between individual health, social and economic justice, and environmental sustainability. Instead of success being defined by fame and material wealth, it is now defined by our collective health-mental, emotional, psychological, physical, social, cultural, and spiritual. Our institutions have redesigned themselves to serve these humanitarian purposes. Sounds crazy and impossible right? It's not. It's real. And, it's already happening. 2030 is the year that has been predicted through extensive research as the approximate date when your consciousness will become widespread to the majority of the adult population.

I say "your" consciousness because if you're reading this, chances are you've already made a shift in your life. You've begun the dramatic process of re-ordering your own psyche producing changes that greatly benefit your body, mind, and spirit. Most of these changes have taken place because you've created a considerable expansion in your level of self awareness. You've started to learn to observe your thoughts and feelings rather than be caught up in them, or believe them. Like Einstein, you've begun to make the shift from participant to observer.

I have thoughts, I am not my thoughts.

I have feelings, I am not my feelings.

I have a body, I am not my body.

I am the sacred witness of all these things.

And, if you've been cultivating this presence that attends to your experience without judgement, you've likely started to interact with your thoughts and feelings as a trusted friend-embodying patience, kindness, empathy, and nurturing towards your own self.

Here's where things get really juicy. You are a part of the first generation in human history to be doing this work. Yes, it's big, feel free to reread that last sentence. Although some of the practices you maybe using such as "Mindfulness" or "Meditation" or "Yoga" or "Chinese Energy Medicine" are up to 50,000 years old, the new stage of human development that you are reaching began to emerge only in the last 20-30 years. For the first time in human history people are evolving out of believing that their world view, their beliefs, their truths, and their ideas are the only ones that are right, and all others are wrong.

There is now a consciousness capacity to see that all previously considered world views and belief systems are equal in value and equally necessary for human progress. There is recognition that each stage of human development offers its own unique gifts, strengths, and potentials, as well as its blind spots and shortcomings. Everyone holds an angle of truth. Everyone is right. It's just, no one is exclusively right. It's now up to us to put all the pieces together so that we can experience ourselves and each other with a much deeper understanding and a sense of wholeness, unity, meaningfulness, and purpose. This is the most inclusive and comprehensive stage of development to ever exist in human history, and good news alert-best equipped to cope with the high levels of complexity and conflict that have been plaguing our social, economic, political, and environmental structures. It has the built in capacity to end wars and power struggles by embracing and incorporating everyones perspective, all partial truths.

The United States Constitution and ideals of democracy (largely based on Native American culture) were the first seeds of this level of human consciousness. All people, regardless of anything, are EQUAL-equal in value, equal in importance. It was the first document of its kind that set out to govern without domination, control, or exploitation. Now, over 200 years later, our consciousness capacity is actually catching up to the ideals, dreams, and intentions of our ancestors.

The more people accelerating their growth by doing personal development work, the faster we reach a critical mass that creates the tipping point into a new values system that is capable of creating the necessary solutions to put us on a path of health and sustainability.

You Matter. Every time you expand your awareness and attend to the worried one inside-a wounded struggling separate self-it matters. Every time you cultivate a nurturing presence and become a trusted friend towards your own and others thoughts and feelings-it matters. You're expanding your level of self awareness in a way that understands all of your thoughts, feelings, and relationships rather than judges them. You're learning to change your internal governing system from an unjust controlling fear driven dictatorship to a peaceful understanding co-creative democracy.

When you set out to engage in a therapeutic process, you knew it would help you feel better. Now know that every time you do this work, you actually make the world better. 2030-For you, for me, for all beings on earth-thank you for doing this work. Thank you for committing to healing, growing, and developing. Thank you for accelerating your growth. You Matter. You are helping create a cross cultural global shift.

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